Training Resources


A. Starters' Guide

B. Quick Coach

C. Motivational

D. Tips & Business Presentation


1- Getting started
2- Matt Morris Get Started Fast
3- Step Close while presenting
4- Inviting Prospects Effectively - Matt Morris & Kari Schneider
5- How To Get Really Good At Network Marketing
6- Matt Morris on Inviting (Tips)


1. OLD VERSION- QuickCoach- Making Your List (WorldVentures)
2. OLD VERSION- QuickCoach- Inviting Fundamentals (WorldVentures)
3. QuickCoach- Edification (WorldVentures)
4. QuickCoach- 2-Step Text (WorldVentures)
5. QuickCoach- 3-Step Setup (WorldVentures)
6. QuickCoach- BAMFAM (WorldVentures)
7. QuickCoach- Event Etiquette I - Before
8. QuickCoach- Event Etiquette II - During (WorldVentures)
9. QuickCoach- Event Etiquette III – After (WorldVentures)
10. QuickCoach- Sharing Your Story (WorldVentures)
11. QuickCoach- Inviting - Texting for Launch Events
12. QuickCoach- Closing Fundamentals (WorldVentures)


Sashin Govender Youngest Marketing Director In WV
When people say '' those '' things don't work
The Price Of Success - Sashin Govender
How to Expose Long-Distance prospects in Network Marketing - Sashin Govender


How To Create Overnight Success - YouTube
How To Reach Out To Old Contacts For Network Marketing - YouTube
The #1 Reason People Wont Join Your Team - YouTube
The 4 Stages Of Growth In Network Marketing - YouTube
The Valley Of Death In Network Marketing - YouTube

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